New year resolutions, are they just a thing we say?


So as we’ve picked ourselves up after the festivities and drunk ourselves through the last part of what has been a dark, wet and cold January, have any of us been able to keep to those famous words quoted around New Year, resolutions that we so blatantly shout about and require the stamp of approval from our peers ?

Are some of these resolutions just famous last words and memories from a party where we had one too many drinks, and no longer remember? There may be some of us that have kept to that diet or no drinking ban strictly put upon ourselves and before its even started we’ve broken and fallen at the first hurdle, which could be the first networking event of 2016.

Did you come up with a resolution knowing full well it wasn’t achievable? If so why bother?  Or did you consider the important factor was that at least you said something? There are so many reasons why we may not be able to keep our resolutions, but maybe we make them too complicated. Could it be we choose silly and unrealistic resolutions for ourselves?

I think it’s a mixture of all of the above. There is an element of panic when people ask if you have one, we then give an answer for the sake of not being the only person at a dinner party without one. But maybe if we gave it a bit more time and really thought about it, we would be able to keep to them and they would be achievable.

So let’s strip it back, do you want something to better yourself or do you want something that could improve other elements of your life, be it personal or work life?  Now this is quite a bold statement I know, but stay with me as I’m leading to something.

Is it necessary to really change anything about yourself?  Maybe it’s more about challenging yourself or giving yourself a project.  Something you can make your mark on, as surely keeping to the diet or doing more exercise is really making a mark on yourself. But why can’t we try and look at the bigger picture? so then it came to me. Maybe the resolution is about 2016 ‘life happenings’!!!

Because really have we become a society of putting too much pressure on ourselves and not being able to see things clearly? So although I’m going to attempt to keep with this Joe Wicks #leanin15; personal goal. I also want to see if I can promote our industry within education a bit more; work goal. So one for me to focus on and another to help me promote my beliefs in developing better relationships with education to find the future talent of our industry. This could be hard to achieve continuously, but something that will be my activity and ‘life happenings’ throughout 2016.

But for those of us struggling and maybe hitting a bump in the road on their resolution’s. Maybe take a look at this quote which I recently read in a book –

“Don’t force it. Feel your way, and don’t stop feeling your way until something fits. Maybe nothing will. Maybe you are a road, not a destination. That is fine. Be Road. But make sure it’s one with something to look at out of the window.”


Quoted from the book Humans by Matt Haig, maybe it could be one of your resolutions to read this book.  So whatever your resolution, remove the pressure and take away the doing for the sake of doing. Make it your 2016 happenings. Here’s to a successful year in 2016 for us all, and as a bonus at least January is nearly over!

Ryan Curtis-Johnson



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