Top 3 Wearable Tech for Events

Wearable technology is becoming increasingly popular, here’s our top 3.

It’s no secret that technology is revolutionising and changing the format of events, conferences, and exhibitions. Old models are being reconsidered, and event teams are being given the opportunity to truly refresh and invigorate events with technology. Not only are events evolving with tech, but tech has also instigated a change in expectations from delegates. Delegates now expect tech-based, experiential and immersive experiences when attending events.

Here’s our top 3 event tech wearables:

  1. Waverly Labs – “Pilot”

Waverly Labs has developed the world’s first smart earpiece language translator, and it’s going to revolutionise communication. This wearable actively translates between users in real-time as they speak different languages to each other. To put it simply, when one person speaks, the other hears it in their language.

Sorprendente! Incroyable! Amazing! I hear you say. Of course, it’s going to completely change the way we interact and communicate for the better. In the sphere of events, it’s going to enable more fluid communication between global companies, and delegates worldwide.


The device “Pilot” is essentially a mix between wearable technology and machine translation. Pilot comes with two ear pieces (one for you, one for your partner), and an accompanying app.

Unfortunately, the devices aren’t available just yet, and are estimated to be released on the market May 2017.

  1. Wrist Wearables

The most well-known wrist wearables are the likes of Apple watch, and FitBit. These devices are intended to be an extension of you – monitoring where you go, what you do, and updating you on what you should be doing next.

It’s the sensors on these devices, which enable them to collect the data in the first place that are the most interesting. Fit Bit can record your workouts, log food, and help you to sleep better, for example… Whether you spend more time looking at the device than being fit, is questionable.

jaguar wristband

These kind of devices have begun to add a new dimension to live events, and sensor-based marketing strategies are already being implemented. Jaguar’s #FeelWimbledon campaign gave 20 biometric cuffs to consumers attending last year’s Wimbledon, and these devices measured the heart rate, motion and audio levels. With valuable insight such as this, Jaguar could gauge the crowd’s responses.

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is already being used and experimented with at events, and it can be used to overlay digital data such as images, 3D models or films, onto a real-time environment. Ways that AR can be used at events:

  • Navigation: With sensors attached, AR headsets have the capacity to locate you, and help you to navigate around the venue. There could be markers on the floor which bring up maps, event schedules or information on demand.
  • Presentation: during a presentation, you can look at certain markers on the stage, or on the slides, and access extra information about the speaker in real time.
  • Networking: AR markers such as QR codes can be used to facilitate networking among guests, and all guests have to do is scan some ones name badge to exchange details.

Below is a projection onto our head office studios:


Wearable technology is arguably the newest event tech trend, and it offers a dynamic, innovative, and insightful aspect to events. Utilising wearable technology at events also gives delegates a chance to see and use gadgets they may not have heard of, and opens up the opportunity to gain data from your delegates that may have otherwise been inaccessible. Overall, wearables offer up ways to enrichen, and enhance events for the better… Oui?

Emily Johnson

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