Apprenticeship or education? That is the question.

We recently took part in the Worcestershire skills show, which gave us the opportunity to have a stand and talk to young people about drp, and what career opportunities there are within our industry. The people attending were local schools and colleges and in the evening the young people attended the event with their parents.

So we decided to go around and ask people what they were looking to gain from the event. But more importantly, whether they were interested in further education or an apprentice scheme.

My colleague Lloyd and I both began our careers at drp as apprentices, working in the video team. Lloyd had come straight from school and has successfully completed his apprenticeship. Whereas I came from university, so we’ve both had different experiences prior to starting the apprenticeship. Although we’ve both found the apprenticeship to be a great success for us.

Here is our review from the event and what the young people had to say:

The most common theme from the young people at the event was that they were still unsure of what they wanted to do. A lot were split in whether to do further education or get an apprenticeship.

But the main thing that flagged up for us was how career shows like this are so useful for the younger people to gain a better understanding of potential career opportunities and ask questions. At drp we play an active  role in trying to support these types of events, maybe there needs to be even more encouragement and involvement from other businesses.

As an industry we need to be proactive in helping the next generation of workers to decide the right career path for them.

Calum Rhys

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