The build up to the 2016 Rio Olympics was full of such concern and doubt on whether they could actually deliver. Then again, the London 2012 games is a tough act to follow.

I think we can safely say they’ve pulled it off. There have been a couple of concerns along the way with the pool turning green, what was that all about?

Then at the beginning, we had the road race causing issues for riders and the question of was the route even fit for purpose? The Health and safety team who signed that off may be questioning their decisions. There have been numerous posts about the Olympic village being below par and not finished being on time. However, the majority of everything else has run smoothly, and there will always be something to criticise – its human nature.

Let’s be honest we’ve excelled at the Rio games, winning medals for the first time in some new disciplines, for example, the men’s floor routine in gymnastics. We’ve broken records in the velodrome. But we shouldn’t forget those who narrowly missed out on medal position in sports like table tennis and fencing. I don’t know about you but I’ve been extremely proud of all the competing male and female athletes.


And even when you look at some of these individuals who are only just starting out in their sport or careers. The 16-year-old winning bronze in the gymnastics floor routine, it was barely a month ago when she was sitting her GCSE’s, truly inspiring. These are great role models for our younger generation to and admire and feel inspired by.

Let’s hope this recognition continues when they return home and we can all congratulate them on their achievements.

But the biggest impact the games has had is how it has helped to change mindsets about a sport and bringing together communities. London 2012 took away the doom and gloom of the recession that we were still trying to fight, and also all the negativity Londoners had towards the games. Since 2012 it has changed how we all look at the sport. We are now behind team GB, more so than ever before. Everyone is talking about it and there is always one element that people enjoy and elements or sports that people dislike. But who doesn’t like supporting our country?  It can’t be forgotten that without the funding by the national lottery and various sponsors who support them success wouldn’t be possible.

Look back two months ago we were such a divided country (Brexit), we’re now basking in the glory of all these medal wins. This sharing of good news really makes us all feel better, but let’s not fear or shy away now. Although the Olympics ends on Sunday, we’ve still got the Paralympics to look forward to. Let’s get behind those athletes too!

Ryan Curtis-Johnson


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