Dubai, Blackpool, or Beijing?

It’s clear to say that we all like to watch a fireworks display whether it be on Guy Fawkes, New Year’s Eve or even a wedding.

Fireworks never get too old whatever age you are. When you’re young, watching incredible colours explode in the air is fascinating, and frustrating too, as you try to work how it is done. Although, I think even when we become adults that feeling of excitement never goes away when watching fireworks.

Here’s my top 5 fireworks displays:

1. Festival of Fireworks 2015 – Jubilee Finale
2. Dubai New Year’s Eve Fireworks
3. Synchronised Fireworks in Beijing, China
4. Blackpool Fireworks World Championships 2015
5. London New’ Year’s Eve

Fireworks filmed through a drone also looks pretty incredible:

There is of course a certain danger associated with fireworks, which is to be expected as let’s be honest, you’re setting off gun powder. However, is it something that we’ve created ourselves as dangerous?

Astonishingly, there’s no training provided prior to purchasing fireworks, and anyone over the age of 18 can go out and buy them. I guess this is quite alarming, but when done correctly and when you know the best way to let them off, it can really help, whilst saving you or anyone watching from any harm.

I lead fireworks at corporate media displays (CMD), a drp company providing fireworks and pyrotechnics services, so I know my stuff! Here’s some useful tips and insights into the best ways to let off fireworks:

1. When purchasing fireworks buy from a well-known supplier and make sure the fireworks have either C.E marking and or British standards code.

2. Check the fireworks for safety distances, this should be either on the box or on each individual firework.

3. If using larger fireworks, stick a wooden stake in the ground and tape the firework to the stake on the opposite side to your audience.

4. Try to avoid using large noisy fireworks if you live in a noise sensitive area. Bigger is not always better.

5. Firing fireworks out of season is not illegal but do warn the immediate residence out of courtesy. If it is really windy or wet avoid firing.

A final point to make and to be aware of it’s illegal to fire fireworks after 11pm with exceptions to New Year, Chinese New Year and Diwali festival of light.

But otherwise have fun and stay safe!

Simon Smith

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