PR & Marketing: The perfect match?

Marketing is defined by the CIM as “the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably”.

PR is defined by the CIPR as “the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour.”

Often the lines between PR and Marketing can become blurred – it’s fair to say that they often work hand in hand and are out to achieve the same end result (ROI) but it’s also important to remember in essence how each discipline works differently.

In terms of campaigns, PR & marketing often use the same technique, stunt or approach simply for a different outcome – after all, isn’t the act of maintaining a favourable public image simply to sell products or services? Here are a few of our favourite examples where both have worked seamlessly and successfully together:


This relatively simple campaign involved a 30ft tall Stig figure strolling around outside the BBC headquarters. What’s not to love about a giant statue of Stig In Central London…?


PR GoalTo promote the upcoming series of Top Gear and perhaps portray a slightly less serious public image.

Marketing Goal Increased show ratings and ultimately increased revenue!  

JetBlue – FlyBabies

American budget airline JetBlue released this feel-good campaign to tie in perfectly with Mother’s Day in the US. All of us have been on a flight when all you want is to relax and catch up on sleep but the screaming baby behind is suggesting you will be doing the complete opposite.

On a flight from New York to Long Beach,  JetBlue offered passengers a 25% discount on a future flight whenever a baby cried – so if 2 babies cried, your next flight would be half price!


PR Goal – Humanising the brand and appealing to all those parents out there who have spent an extremely stressful flight trying to stop their babies screaming and disturbing other passengers.

Marketing Goal- Again, of course, increasing profits but also a clever stunt to secure some repeat business – yes you will be saving 25% but you will also be more likely to book another flight with JetBlue!


With a somewhat troubled beginning and more than a few teething issues, Uber was definitely in need of a public image boost. There were issues regarding surges in fares and angry taxi drivers which resulted in roadblocks and even widespread violence:

The best way to remedy this? Give away free ice-cream on the hottest day of the year in a gold Volkswagen camper of course!


PR GoalTo make the brand appear more personable and maybe just a little bit of damage control…

Marketing Goal To take over the world of transport one app development at a time, and of course increase profits.

It would seem that for any successful campaign, whatever the key objectives are – there needs to be elements of both PR & Marketing – they both need each other to survive, similar to the infamous PR and journalist relationship, you cant have one without the other!

Jack Roberts

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