Immersive Experiences We’d Love to Try…

           In a heavy digitalised world, where you can read tweets about an event or watch it live on periscope without even being there, a lot of our experiences with brands are more virtual than ever before. Immersive experiences, or interactive events, transform real world spaces by appealing to all the senses. They bring a brand to life live in front of your eyes, and your ears, and your toes….

            We’ve pieced together our favourite immersive experiences below, some we have tested, and some we haven’t… However, they sound pretty awesome.

Play Sherlock Holmes at Madame Tussauds

            Madame Tussauds has opened a new interactive experience, which leads guests down into a dark and dingy Victorian London of Sherlock Holmes, inviting them to solve the mysteries of a murder case. Real-life actors are mixed in with ‘dead’ waxworks to add to the horror and unease. During the day, visitors of all ages can wander through the Sherlock-themed immersive experience, and in the evenings there is an exclusive adults-only investigation with the chance to really get your hands dirty.


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Eat Food You Didn’t Order…Blind

            Dining at Dans Le Noir is the chance to be fully immersed in a culinary experience. Choosing from a selection of four surprise menus, Exotic, Fish, Vegetarian or Meat, you are sat in total darkness with no idea about the dish that has been placed in front of you. The concept called ‘blind tasting’ means being completely clueless about what you are eating, which heightens your awareness of the flavours, aromas, textures and seasonings. Dining in the pitch black being hosted and served by the visually impaired, you could be eating zebra, but would you know?


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Be in Your Fave Film at Secret Cinema

            Launched in 2007, Secret Cinema invites guests to participate in 360-degree worlds that distort the limits between actors and audiences, staging and reality. You can pretty much dance with Patrick Swayze, or feel like you’re flying in a spaceship through galaxies far, far away, as you are completely immersed into a live film. With constant access to information via technology, they bring back the anticipation of secrets, with no information about where their events are, or what might happen. Secret Cinema has cracked the corporate world also, offering a bespoke event service ranging from immersive product launches to corporate events and secret parties.


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Experience Faulty Towers Dining

            How would you like dead spiders in your dinner, jam on your chair, and a shambolic service from waiters? At the Faulty Towers Dining Experience this might just happen…because by and large anything can happen here. Two-thirds of the show is improvised by a full cast of actors, and the show crashes on for three hours, including a 70s-style three course dinner served with a smattering of chaos. Expect the unexpected. Know that you will be treated just like the guests in the Faulty Towers you’ve seen (and laughed at) on your television screen.


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Enter the World of Shrek

           London’s most recent family attraction brings the kingdom of Far Far Away to life with the Shrek Adventure. Children are invited to board a magical ‘DreamWorks Tours’ bus, with Donkey as the energetic and playful tour guide. There is the opportunity to be part of the 10 live fairy-tale themed shows where you can visit Shrek’s swamp, find your fortune in the crystal ball, get lost in the Mirror maze and reveal your inner Ogre when required. Comprising of hundreds of lights, audio channels, screens, projectors, smells, smoke and wind, and dynamic scenery this attraction brings families together for a fun, and interactive day!

Shrek Adventure -

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Emily Johnson


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