Are delegates taking ‘a step in the right direction’ to your stand?

Exhibitions are one of the most effective ways to meet with multiple companies from various sectors or industries, face-to-face, all in one day or across several days; whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor. It’s kind of like speed-dating.

If you are an exhibitor, you are going to have to compete, and with so many stands to compete with it is essential to make the most of your exhibition stand. Find strategies to optimise and maintain footfall at your stand, and ask yourself:

  • Does the design of your stand encourage visitors?
  • Is your stand appealing and inviting?
  • Are there things ‘to do’ and ‘to see’?

This may sound basic, but these are the kind of questions that you need to think about in the design, build and execution of your stand at an exhibition.

Design of Stand:

The design of a stand is the first thing to be considered. Pin down your objectives and understand what you want to achieve at the exhibition. Recognise what makes your brand different from your competitors; so, what is it you have that others don’t? How can yours stand out above the rest?

  • High-level branding – so you can be seen at a distance, and nobody will get lost trying to find your stand (in theory). Make it clear where you are, and make it simple to find you.
  • Easy access – clear openings to all sides of the stand so that, wherever you are located in the exhibition, people are able to enter your stand easily and quickly.
  • Remove any ‘virtual’ barriers – reception counters, or low-level platforms, can end up disrupting the flow of footfall to your stand and remove the ‘open’ feeling.

Appealing and Inviting:

Clever uses of lighting with striking visual effects have the ability to grab people’s attention and hold their line of vision. Make sure they coincide with your objectives and branding too; one of our existing clients uses transparent office space, which is both informal and friendly. Have a carpet or flooring line to create a pull and an inviting feeling to all entrances.

Things ‘to do’ or ‘to see’:

With exhibition stands becoming increasingly interactive and tech-based, are you doing enough to draw the delegates in, and entertaining them enough to want to stay? For instance, use iPads instead of paper presentation booklets, VR experiences to showcase a venue at the other side of the world, or choose video presentations over a PowerPoint. How about an app for your stand?


Create the correct ambience and atmosphere within an environment that encourages discussion in a comfortable fashion. At drpexhibition, we take a very holistic approach to our designs, and the rationale is considered based on our teams working close with our clients, in order to understand what makes them different from their competitors. We are then able to create bespoke exhibition stands to suit. No brand or company is the same, so exhibition stands should be treated in the same way.

Edward Vickery – Head of drpexhibition

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