Event Tech Tool Kit

Technology is becoming increasingly popular and necessary at events, from gamification to interactivity, to gathering data about your delegates before, during, and after an event. It’s essential to make use of these event technologies, but it’s paramount to assess which ones are the most appropriate for you and your event too. Tempting as it is to have every gadget and gizmo offered to you, it may not be the most cost effective thing to do.

Here below we have listed five top event technologies on the market to make it easier to decide which ones are best for you, your company, and your event.

Online Registration (Delx)

Online registration, such as drp’s in house product called ‘Delx’ enables a smooth transition from initial contact with potential delegates, right the way through to sending joining instructions, maps, and schedules for the event. It is a bespoke website to promote the event where people can log in and retrieve all the details they need. Similarly, even organisers can retrieve all the data they need from the delegates database.

  • Customisable registration form to allow users to register their attendance
  • Informs delegates of the key event details
  • Quick, easy to use and secure
  • Live reporting and integrated analytics


Solution

Signing delegates in at an event can be a real rigmarole, especially if it involves paper, pens, or flicking through a booklet to find someone’s name. With tablets, or touch screen devices, attendees can easily sign themselves in by looking up their name in a Google-esque search.

  • Slick and efficient solution for visitors to sign in at events
  • Easy to manage and update guest lists
  • Real time reporting, allowing Event Organisers to be kept up-to-date with attendance
  • Can work either via an internet connection or local to the device

Tablet Event App

Our tablet apps offer the ultimate engagement tool for delegates to interact with an event in real time. Whether that’s to take part in a poll, look up information, or see who the next speaker is for example. All of the content on the tablet app can be designed to the brand of the company and/or event to remain brand consistent.

  • Provides key information and real-time interactivity
  • Target delegates with dynamic content
  • Allows delegates to submit questions throughout the event
  • Vote on key topics with live publication of the results on screen
  • Powered by a locked down local connection ensuring data is secure

Event Technology22.jpg


Interactive games using tech can be a brilliant way to engage and communicate with your audience. They are highly responsive and can be instantaneous as your event goes on.

  • Fun way to engage delegates and provide key business messages
  • Encourages team building and communication
  • Bespoke business related quizzes


Webinars can be accessed live and post-event and can ensure that even if your audience is online, they can still view the content of the event.

  • Bespoke website allowing users to observe and interact with the live event from a remote location
  • Secure login
  • Slide and video integration
  • Delegates can submit questions and participate in live votes

These five are great, but if you’re still struggling to choose the most effective ones for your event, why not chat to drp at Event Tech Live we have an ‘Event Tech Tool Kit’ session there, and we can assess what’s best for you.

Kirk D’Cruze

Originally published in Event Tech Buyer’s Guide

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