How to Create an Effective Event #Hashtag

It’s important to work hashtags to your advantage prior, during, and after an event.

#Hashtags #are #absolutely #all #over #social #media.

Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress, the only place that hasn’t jumped on the hashtag bandwagon is LinkedIn (give it time). Hashtags allow groups of people to connect with each other through topics ranging from food (#burger), to health (#instafitness), to films, events (#Oscars2017), recent news stories, and more. The possibilities are endless, and there is always the opportunity to start a new conversation with the world using a hashtag. For events, Twitter is the most effective social media outlet.

Pre- event, the chosen hashtag can be a great way to build up excitement. During the event, the same hashtag allows everyone to see live reactions from attendees as they tweet about the venue, content, or food. Delegates can even use the hashtag to ask questions to a panel during a conference. Post-event, the hashtag then acts as a vehicle that pulls together all of the conversations, photos and interactions from the event.

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Choose Your Hashtag

…and choose it wisely.

  • Keep it short and sweet (easy to type and remember)
  • Relate it to your event, year, or theme e.g. Digital Awards 2016 (#DigiAwards16)
  • Research social media platforms to see if your chosen hashtag hasn’t been used / is in use for something else.


  • Keep your hashtag consistent on all communications about the event, and never create hybrids of the hashtags.
  • Put your event’s hashtag everywhere, including: invitations, website, follow-up emails, event listings, all social media channels, and make sure your event collateral such as handouts, presentations, goody bags, signage and banners have it plastered on them too.
  • Get speakers to share their Twitter handles before their sessions.

During the Event

  • Place a live Twitter feed on monitors at the event.
  • Live tweeting from the event is essential and, for more interaction, ask some of the more high-profile attendees (with loads of followers) to ignite conversation.
  • Create a Twitter list of all attendees and encourage them to put their Twitter handle on their name badges.
  • React to people who are tweeting at your event – retweet and like the top tweets.


  • Continue the conversation: follow the hashtag until the interaction ends. A great event will always be talked about afterwards! Carry on retweeting, replying, and liking the tweets that are being posted.
  • Gather all the content (quotes, images, and Twitter accounts that were produced or active during the event).
  • Use your social media to get feedback about the quality and success of your event.

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For hashtag fails and wins, take a read of this:

Emily Johnson – PR and Social Media Executive

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