Planning an In-House Event? Here’s 5 Top Tips…

Whether you’re planning a conference, exhibition, or an in-house event, producing the big day can be a big task. As a project manager, one of the main responsibilities is to ensure that the planning, execution and closing of the project runs smoothly to the clients’ needs. Below is a list of my personal top 5 tips of how to plan a successful in-house event!

  1. Audience

When organising an event, it is always important to know who your audience is, as without an audience who will your event be for? Having an audience is a key factor in what makes the event successful and you should always keep them in mind. As a business, we need to ensure that the venue for the event has the right facilities, is the best environment, and that the delegates have the right information in place. You should ensure that the venue you are hosting the event in is being utilised to its best potential.

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  1. Let’s work together

Working together in a team is key.  You will be working alongside a vast amount of people, from designers, to caterers, and no doubt about it, there will be a lot happening on the day. Consistent communication is essential. Everyone should work together, from the producer, to the IT team, venue event manager, and more, as it enables a ‘let’s work together’ mindset, which in turn helps to create a solid foundation for the event.

To ensure real success, everyone needs to be aware of their roles and involvement within the event. Without this awareness and communication, it can be very difficult for the team to know who is in control of each aspect of the day. By working together, the client is more likely to have a productive and successful event.

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  1. Suppliers

Suppliers work very hard to ensure that your vision, and your clients’ vision, of the event comes to life on the day. The use of local suppliers on a regular basis enables businesses, such as ours, to form great relationships with their teams. This is crucial as it gives us the opportunity to show our delegates how brilliant our suppliers are, and from this negotiate rates with our suppliers, due to who they are being exposed to at the event. The advantage of having this relationship means that we have the best service for the best rate always, and you can depend on that local supplier to help make your idea to life.

  1. Content

To get the best out of the content being showcased at a venue, it’s always easier to have all the resources under one roof. Here at drp as we are a fully integrated creative comms agency, and we have the facilities to produce content all under one roof, whether that be from design, communications to digital content, everything is in-house, making communication for our vision easier. Either way, it is important to make sure that your content is consistent.

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  1. Debrief/ Evaluation

Final tip, having a debrief after an event with the team is always a great thing, as this gives you the opportunity to reflect on the things you can improve on for next time. Feedback is always important and there are many different ways that this could be done. For instance, a team get together after the event is very useful, whereby the overall results can be measured and ideas can be used for the next event.

Overall, there may be many of different tips out there, but these have been set in place to help drp plan a widespread of successful events. Be sure to stay calm, get involved and most of all have fun with it!


Alisha Tyrell-Wood – Project Manager at drp

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