The Gender Pay Gap – A drp Perspective

I believe that gender shouldn’t be a determining factor when it comes to salaries. It should be led by the skillset and experience you bring to an organisation.

Over many years, fantastic progress has been made, as we have a greater platform and a voice within the workplace to progress and all be given equal opportunities. This is why it’s so important.

Some stats:

Some companies with the biggest gap which have been reported are, Apple, Sports Direct, and particularly Ryanair. Currently 72% of the workforce are female, but only form part of the 3% top quarter earners in the company. Here at drp we ensure that we recruit the right people for the right job, no matter what their gender is. We are very proud to say that;

“As an equal opportunity business, drp are committed to gender equality, and based on drp’s salaries for 2017, it illustrates that women earned 3% above the men in the gender pay gap”. (This is due to more women being in more senior roles within our business)

This is a great achievement as this shows that our business doesn’t fall into the gender pay gap and we set to continue to pay our employees for the hard work and effort they put into delivering against our ‘anything’s possible’ ethos, regardless of their gender.

It is very important for businesses to take this situation seriously. You want your employees to feel valued, and work for a company that is transparent and sends a positive message by providing you with further growth and progression.


We now live in a society where people are growing their families or wanting to achieve a better work life balance. We’re in the 21st century where we have the option to work from home, and options to work flexi hours. This allows employees to work and make a living for themselves, instead of staying at home, or opting to work in a role they aren’t in love with just to pay their outgoings. This is something we are noticing more and more within the industry.

Regardless of your gender this benefits both genders. It’s time to say goodbye to the old ways of working and bring everything up to date, the gender pay gap is especially one them.

As an industry we need to set an example for the next generation, where we can pave a new path for employees to not have them repeat past experiences. We’ve moved forward in so many ways and wish to continue in this direction. We just need this gap to be closed even more.

Here at drp we set out to continue this level of equal opportunities for years to come and we hope as an industry we can all come together, and be paid for your skillset, regardless of your gender.

Jane Jones – Director of Project Management

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