Our Top Ten Instagrammable London Locations

Instagram is a huge part of the social media hemisphere that people can use all around the world. Now, with over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a great platform that enables users to search and experience any given holiday destination, trending outfit, celebrity update or news about a specific company that may interest you.

For many of us, Instagram is a fantastic platform to use when looking for places to go and see especially in and around London. London is truly the dream destination for Instagram worthy pictures with thousands of spots to snap in almost every corner. London – as a city – has many iconic sights, gorgeous cafes and restaurants, pretty parks and various hidden gems.

Here are our top ten places you must visit (and share on Instagram) in London:

  1. Peggy Porschen

Peggy-Porschen-2Image Sourced: (https://secretldn.com/peggy-porschen-bakery/)

  • Peggy Porschen’s Parlour is based in London’s Belgravia and is described as a beautiful fairy-tale, decorated in pastel pink with a world of freshly baked delights. Upon arrival, the parlour has many captivating floral installations that change with the seasons and guests can indulge in a range of ready-to-eat cakes, cookies, sweet treats and drinks. Definitely the one to share on your Instagram!
  1. Sketch

Image Sourced: (https://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/sketch-gallery)

  • There are plenty of amazing restaurants to visit in London. However, Sketch is definitely one near the top of the list. Each room in this unique restaurant has a different style along with space-age themed toilets, which include egg-shaped pods below a disco ceiling! Sketch is also well-known for its afternoon tea, although it comes at a price, you can treat yourself to caviar and quail egg, glamourous sandwiches and plenty of unique pastries and macaroons as a sweet treat afterwards.
  1. Cahoots


  • Cahoots is a secret underground bar based in lively Soho. Decorated with an underground theme, guests are transported back in time to post-war 1940s in a disused tube station. Here you can treat yourself to dazzling cocktails, swing dancing and sing-alongs around an old grand piano! Inspired by true events that occurred in post-war Britain, this unique bar is one to visit (without the heavy congestion!) Pun intended!
  1. Dandelyan Bar at The Mondrian

DandelyonImage sourced: (https://www.forbes.com/sites/karlaalindahao/2017/07/23/dandelyan-at-the-mondrian-hotel-in-london-wins-worlds-best-bar-at-spirited-awards-2017/)

  • There’s no doubt you’ll have spotted Dandelyan Bar’s iconic blush seating all over your Instagram feed. This art deco themed bar is based in one of London’s best hotels, The Mondrian, and has been crowned the third best bar in the world – which surely makes it worth a visit? If you are looking to indulge for the evening, take yourself down to this bar.
  1. Elan Café

Image sourced: (https://secretldn.com/elan-cafe-pink-flowers-london/)

  • Elan café describes itself as distinctive, stylish, elegant and confident. This pink gem is an Instagram delight! Elan café has branches in both Mayfair and Kensington. With a wall full of flowers and drool-worthy pastry counters, it is every foodie’s dream. Elan café is a well-known spot on Instagram, (#elancafe) check out their Instagram page for some more amazing pictures.
  1. God’s Own Junkyard

Gods own
Image sourced: (https://www.timeout.com/london/art/gods-own-junkyard)

  • Based in East London, God’s own Junkyard is in a warehouse that’s home to a dazzling display of multicoloured neon lights. It is a pimped-up salvage yard which is now a gallery for the work of British artist Chris Bracey, who passed away in 2014. An amazing spot to get your camera out, God’s Own Junkyard is full to the brim with novelty pieces from Hollywood films such as ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Eyes wide shut’ and ‘Batman’.
  1. Rooftop Film Club

RTCImage sourced: (https://londonist.com/2016/04/ticket-alert-rooftop-film-club-is-back)

  • Rooftop Film Club is the ultimate film experience and has 3 locations across London in Shoreditch, Stratford and Peckham. Based in each of these rooftop spaces, you can choose from a vast array of either new or old films to watch on comfy deck chairs! Perfect for those summer evenings, the Rooftop Film Clubs allow you to capture city views whilst tucking into your popcorn!
  1. Bob Bob Ricard

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer

  • Who doesn’t want their own personal ‘press for Champagne’ button? A favourite on Pinterest, Bob Bob Ricard serves up a host of English and Russian classics, enhanced with luxury ingredients. Ever seen videos of chocolate bombs on Facebook and wondered where you can get one too? Well Bob Bob Ricard is the place to be.
  1. Palm Vaults

PVImage sourced: (https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/370913719301908344/?lp=true)

  • Palm Vaults is a pastel-painted café based in Hackney boasting colourful coffees and irresistible cakes. Barely a year old, it already has a strong social media following. With the ideal selfie backdrop, described as a pink jungle meets 70s Miami, Palm Vaults is perfect to preview on your Instagram story! However, even more picture-worthy is what is served! The sweet treats and beverages you order are mighty pretty and are colour co-ordinated! Each item has a distinctive hue and everything here is vegetarian and the venue is dog-friendly which means it’s a must have for all!
  1. Sushi Samba

Image sourced: (https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/370913719301908344/?lp=true)

  • Another one where you must be willing to indulge is Sushi Samba. Based on the 38th floor, the views at Sushi Samba are pretty spectacular. This restaurant is second on the list of most Instagrammed places in London and it serves a vast range of sushi choices along with cocktails that are almost as stunning as the view. The venue also boasts a fairy-lit red tree on the outside terrace which is a very popular snap!

So, there you have it! Our top ten Instagrammable locations in London! Instagram has created a culture whereby individuals seek a destination based on how “good” it looks through a camera lens. Forget Google reviews or TripAdvisor, head to Instagram and you’ll be able to find out everything you need. Influencers are often invited to the new “it” spots to gain recognition and popularity which then creates a buzz for people to visit.

The culture of social media has changed – especially on Instagram. Although you can take a good-ish picture on nearly every corner in London, our location list provides some of the most chic interiors, extraordinary architecture and colourful walls to adorn your page with.

Happy snapping!


By Winnie Ellis-Hall, Olivia Blackstock and Hannah Dinesh

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